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Buyers Guide

KD Lumber

Today you have many choices from where to source your European Beech.

What is most important is ability to source from reliable and dependable producers. As the demand for European Beech continues to increase, the old adage, “Know your Supplier” takes on added importance.

Our Sponsoring Mills produce to internationally recognized standards. All lumber is Square Edged and Kiln Dried to 6-8%.

To insure color and grade our Sponsor Mills are able to offer Surfacing (S2S) prior to final grading. This added service is your guarantee there will be no surprises when the lumber arrives at your production facility. Following final inspection and grading, the lumber is then fully export prepped.

To insure the highest standards in Quality, we have independent Quality Control Division which oversees both the formal Inspector Training School as well Mill QC Inspection and Certification.

It is these Standards that insure you will receive only the finest quality European Beech Lumber.

Solid Beech Flooring

Solid Beech Flooring is now available for prompt shipment.

Kitchen Cabinets

In response to the overwhelming success of the Baltimore House Project, Custom Built European Cabinetry is now available in the U.S. (Lead time for Delivery to U.S. East Coast Port approx. 8 weeks.) Contact us today with your specific requirements.

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