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The Baltimore House Project

European Beech has long been thought of as the most versatile of hardwoods available on the world market. Opened in October 2005, home owners, designers, and architects were afforded a first hand look at just how versatile European Beech can be in American homes.

Created and designed by David M. Lowe Inc. and produced in partnership with Harbourtown Redevelopment Inc. for a group of European Beech producers, the Baltimore House Project was the first of it's kind to showcase and promote European Beech to local interests. Situated in the center of the Federal Hill South Historic District of Baltimore, Maryland, the project is designed around a traditional Row House dating back to the early 1900’s. By completely renovating the interior of the house; cabinetry, flooring, stairs, and rails, in European Beech, the Project's goal is to show the U.S. Market why European Beech is the “Wood for all Reasons”.

To further promote the quality that Europe is renowned for, all of the kitchen cabinets were custom designed and hand built in Germany by craftsmen and shipped to the U.S. for installation. With a final price tag of over $550,000, the project is designed to promote and educate U.S. designers, architects and specifiers on the beauty and value of European Beech and show the U.S. consumer that there is an alternative to Red Oak and other North American hardwoods.

The Baltimore House, located at 1430 Covington Street, is located in the Federal Hill South Historic District, an area that was settled by a largely German population in the 1830’s.

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